• In-Service presentations to your professional group. KayBeth has many years of experience making presentations to nurses, dietitians, and food service workers. This is a great "break out session" for your next convention, filled with great information and handouts, given in a relaxed atmosphere. KayBeth shares her personal story with humor and pathos, helping her listeners understand not only the physical but also the emotional aspects of living gluten free.
  • Training for your restaurant's kitchen and wait staff. KayBeth works with restaurants who have a gluten-free menu and also with those who want to be more aware of this growing percentage of our population. As more and more people are diagnosed with celiac sprue disease or with wheat allergies, all restaurants are going to be required to make foods available in a safe manner. Be proactive instead of being reactive. Have the training now.
  • Training for your institution's kitchen and food-handling staff. Schools, colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes need training. Most don't have the knowledge to make separate gluten-free meals without some cross-contamination. We can show you how to do this so that your students or patients can all eat healthy. If you wish, this can include a short presentation to your wait staff on how to avoid contamination when serving. We also discuss the results of contamination so that your staff can empathize with those who, through no fault of their own, come into contact with gluten.
  • Combine staff training with hands-on cooking. Make it a full day. KayBeth can train two shifts of workers and between training, make trays of baked goods for your staff to sample and for you to freeze ahead for your gluten-free guests.

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