About Us

Fahlstrom Farms Gluten Free is a family business.  The family is small; we are working hard to make sure the business doesn't stay small.

I'm KayBeth, and I'll tell you about us.  We started learning about celiac sprue disease when my dad was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic in 1981.  I researched on his behalf and came up with recipes that he could make.  We lived a few hundred miles apart so I couldn't do much more than send him recipes and a few batches of cookies that I hoped he would like.

In 1987, I realized that I had many of the symptoms of celiac sprue that Dad had when I was a teenager.  When I discussed it with my family physician, his reply was "I remember reading a paragraph about it in medical school."  Since I had done research for the previous six years, he determined that I probably knew more about it than he did.  He told me, "Why don't you just go on the diet and if you get better, we'll know that you have it."

I have always loved to cook and bake.  In those days there were no gluten free baking mixes or prepared foods.  We had rice flour and corn starch - - and that's all!

I had to learn the hard way about reading ingredients on everything including shampoo and body lotion.  Surprises like finding wheat in soy sauce were common.

My life's goal became twofold:  to make gluten-free food that tasted so good my family and friends would love it, and to give support to as many people as possible in their changing lifestyle and quest for good food and a good life.  To that end, I have been developing recipes that are delicious and simple to make.  I am proud to share them with you through these mixes.  If you'll look at our Services We Offer area you'll see that I enjoy public speaking and training as well.

My husband is so very supportive of this effort.  Through the years he has been my chief taste-tester.  Some efforts were pretty good; many of the early tries were awful!  But bless his heart, when something was a real flop he'd say "This is really good, honey, but I probably wouldn't order it in a restaurant."  That was his gentle hint to toss it in the garbage and start over with another idea.

We have been wanting to get this business started for several years and with the help of our son and daughter it has become a reality.  Our son built our processing facility where the mixes are put together, by hand, one at a time.  Our daughter helped him when she had some spare time - - I'm sure she doesn't want to do any more painting for many years.  She has pushed me over the years to keep me on track to meet this goal.

Both of our adult kids and two grandchildren are helping to put together the mixes and get them sent to our customers.  We do the measuring of all the different kinds of flours and other special ingredients so you don't have to.

My husband is our chief salesman, marketing our products to health food and gluten-free stores across the country.  We appreciate receiving your comments and questions and look forward to serving you with even more products in the future.